About Us

Systemized Media puts HVAC Businesses in front of homeowners looking for equipment install. HVAC Digital Advertising program proven to work across 100s of HVAC Contractors.

Systemized Media was Founded by Lyle Horst to help HVAC companies get more leads using facebook ads and advanced HVAC marketing systems.

About Lyle Horst

Entrepreneur | Owner of Systemized Media


Lyle Horst, a Husband and Father, first entered the digital marketing field helping online commerce businesses get their products out to the world.


He founded Systemized Media with the goal of helping local based businesses bring in new customers. 
His methods are sought after by businesses and marketing agencies across the globe

At Systemized Media, Lyle has a proven way to generate new customers for HVAC Businesses. Lyle has worked with over 150 HVAC businesses building out marketing systems.


 Address. 5051 Horseshoe Pike Honey Brook, PA 19344

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